Simone de Vries

6 jaar ervaring
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As a documentary filmmaker I am fascinated by life stories. More specific: which life people are living: the one they want or the one they REALLY want? What drives us to choose a certain path? All these choices, deeper motives... I want to understand them, pick them apart. Now I am a coach. And I still want to unravel. Are you not doing what you really want? What is holding you back? What is your fuel in life? And how do we find it?

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Eigenschappen van deze coach:
  • Creatief
  • Geduldig
  • Humor
  • Direct
  • Doortastend
  • Praktisch ingesteld
Simone kan jou helpen bij:
  • Assertiviteit
  • Communicatie
  • Conflict
  • Controle
  • Financiën
  • Grenzen stellen
  • Keuzes maken
  • Leefstijl
  • Leiderschap
  • Loopbaan
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"I could never do that..." "I would never…” “People would think I am crazy…” These are not truths. These are stories you make up and then believe by repeating them. We can work on rewriting, reshaping them by using CREATIVITY. We can write, draw, take pictures. Anything that will get your juices flowing and lets you bloom. Or we can do exercises. Whatever works. Let’s find out what you need and work on it. Come see me.

Ik richt me specifiek op:
  • Executives
  • Kinderen & jongeren
  • Leidinggevenden
  • Mannen
  • Millenials (20 t/m 45 jaar)
  • Singles
  • Studenten
  • Teams
  • Vrouwen
  • Werkzoekenden

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

Hoe onderscheid ik mij van anderen?

I have worked with and met ALL kinds of people in the last 25 years during my career. I think I learned a thing or two. About being an empathic yet strong leader (not after failing first by being so ’strong’- read: close-minded and fearful- that no film crew wanted to work with me). About letting go of presumptions about myself, and others. About making choices based on creativity instead of fear. About asking for help. About being yourself without losing yourself. Come see me!

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    NONONS - 2023 - 2023


    NONONS - 2023


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